Though I register as independent I am more allied with the Democrats. It’s more a statement that I’m tired of the two two party only system we have. The parties have the power, and the money. They hold the conventions, and the debates, and if you vote for a candidate who isn’t a democrat or republican, you are often throwing your vote away. This system is causing stagnation. And there is almost no way for a third party to get a foothold.

To win, a candidate must be sponsored by one of the two parties and fit their cookie cutter shape. It’s all about money and talking points and looking good to the donors. But people are tired of this; I am tired of this. This is why the most popular democrat in this election was a self proclaimed social democrat who resisters as an independent and the most popular republican isn’t really a republican.

If the Democrats can’t embrace their progressive side and make a few changes to their platform, they will continue to lose votes. Stop worrying about the labels, think about the issues that are important to you. Vote your conscience.

Article that inspired me to write this post.


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