Sounds good, doesn’t it? Arizona now has passed legislation that will begin the destruction of public education. If you haven’t already heard, the so called empowerment scholarships program will take money from public schools and allow parents to use it for whatever school, be it public, private, charter, or home school they choose.

It’s being touted as giving “choice” to parents as to where they send their children, but parents could already choose where to send their children. This bill takes money from public schools, and doesn’t provide enough money to lower or middle class people to allow them to choose anything better than what they’ve chosen before.

Essentially, this law will give a little extra money to wealthy people who we’re already going to pay to send their children to expensive private schools.

The people at the very conservative Center for Policy Arizona are thrilled as well as Betsy DeVos, Trump’s Secretary of Education, who tweeted Thursday night calling it a “big win for students and parents in Arizona.” And here is our Arizona Governor Doug Ducey’s news release. He’s just proud as a peacock of the beautiful egg he has layed.

Here’s an interesting article about school choice from a parent’s perspective that a friend of mine shared with me today .


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