Arizona is attempting to become one of the states to say yes to an Article V Constitutional Convention. Especially considering the current state of our government, this is not good. 

While there have been such conventions called for single item “Michael Stokes Paulsen has suggested that such a convention would have the “power to propose anything it sees fit”…” (Wikipedia)

I’m afraid that if they pull this off, we will see a lot more power going to the states, which means we could lose environmental regulations, worker protections, minority protections, and more. Use your imagination. 

They need 38 states all together and according to this article from In These Times,  only six more states are needed.

HCR2010 has already passed both houses in the Arizona legislature: applying to the congress of the united states to call a convention for proposing amendments to the constitution of the united states.

HB2226 is the worst of the group of bills on this topic, but has yet to pass the Senate.

HCR2013 is regarding a balanced budget has also passed the house.

HCR2022 regarding selection of delegates has also passed the house.

These three bills need to be blocked. Please contact your Arizona Senator and tell them to vote no. Ours is:

Sylvia Allen



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