This man will probably be confirmed as our next Supreme Court Justice unless the liberals in Congress can uncover some damning information on him during the hearings which are coming up this week. 

I’m personally still furious about the whole Mitch McConnell -we should let the next president decide- blockade. Why do they think that liberals should just let Trump and his cronies now do everything they want, unimpeded, when all  they did themselves was block legislation for the past six years?

President Barack Obama’s nominee should have been at least given a hearing. I’m not even sure he was a great choice, but anyway.

I feel that our country is really in dire straights and I don’t believe Gorsuch will help us. He’s not likely to support women’s rights, gay rights, or transgender rights. Here’s an article for more information, if you like, on his LGBTQ stance.

Contact your MOC. (Members of Congress)


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