Following are links to the text of ten of the mosts annoying bills on Many also have summaries on the site, and they also have lists of who sponsored them. Some are summarized here:

HB 861 simply ends the Environmental Protection Agency on December 31, 2018.

Here’s an example of a letter to could write on this topic:

Representative or Senator ____________

     I am writing as an (Arizonan) to ask you to vote no on HB 861, which ends the Environmental Protection Agency. The Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for upholding, among other things, the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water act, and I think we can all agree it is necessary for us to have suitably clean air and water.


HJR 69 removes the Department of Interior wildlife hunting rule (it is very short but somewhat arcane as it refers to rules of which the text is not included.)

This page has an image of Alaskan wildlife refuges.

information that explains why there is a rule against hunting for sport.

Here’s a sample letter you could write, or use to make a phone call to the senators from your state:

Senator ________

Regarding H.J.Res.69. The definition of the phrase ‘wildlife refuge’ is to preserve or conserve wildlife, and allowing hunting for sport is the opposite of the meaning. This quote sums the topic up nicely:

“Is running roughshod over public lands and targeting mother bears and wolves and their young on lands specifically set aside as wildlife refuges really a priority for legislators given the many challenges facing our country? Americans expect our national wildlife refuges to be managed for their conservation values for all wildlife, not just those species of particular interest to a few,” said Jamie Rappaport Clark, president and CEO of Defenders of Wildlife.

There is good reason to protect our nation’s wildlife, to protect species for the future generations of our nation to enjoy. And there are plenty of other areas in which to hunt in Alaska.

Please vote no on House Joint Resolution 69.

Your constituent,
HR 610 This bill is longer, but there is a summary. In addition to the school vouchers it puts in some other things: the repeal of the Education Act of 1965 (I have no idea what it is) and loosens rules intended to make school lunches healthier. The school vouchers are not mandatory, but states following the legislation would be eligible for federal grants. Which means they pretty much have to comply.
HR 899 This bill simply says the Department of Education shall terminate on December 31, 2018. I assume that HR 610 would become void if this law passes.
HR 370 This is the one that wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act. It is not very long, but full of jargon.
HR 354 This bill says it will defund Planned Parenthood and its affiliates for one year unless they certify they will not perform abortions (with certain exceptions). It does not explain how Planned Parenthood could become certified.
HR 785 An attack on unions. If you aren’t sure what this means, ask someone who lives in a “right to work” state. This bill calls itself the “National Right to Work Act.” It has references to five different laws it modifies. The first removes a statement saying people may be required to join a union as a condition of employment. The second removes the same requirement from a different law. Actually, that is what all five of them do.

Here are two sample letters you can use to write your own congresspeople or use as a script to make a phone call.

Representative ______,

I am writing to ask you to vote no on HR 785, the “National Right to Work Act.” Although the idea sounds good of prohibiting membership in a union as a requirement for employment, it is bad for unions and can be very bad for workers later on. If a company can hire non-union employees, then many will seek out non-union employees. The workers might initially see this as a good idea, because they will not have to pay any fees to the union. However when all the employees are non-union, the union will lose its power and cease to exist, and then the company can begin exploiting its workers with little recourse. The unions exist to organize strikes, lawsuits, and other actions on the behalf of workers. Many people worked hard to be able to form unions.



Representative ______,

I am writing to ask you to oppose HR 785, otherwise known as the “National Right to Work Act.” This law is designed to destroy unions, by making union membership optional for employment in all cases. We have such a law in Arizona, unfortunately. Unions have a clear purpose, which is to organize workers in an industry to prevent them from being exploited. Have you heard of the Bisbee Deportation? One hundred years ago, mine workers in Bisbee who were part of a labor organization called the International Workers of the World went on strike to demand some changes be made by their employer, the Phelps Dodge Corporation. The company responded by rounding them all up, putting them in train cars, and abandoning them hundreds of miles away in New Mexico. Phelps Dodge in 1917 would approve of this law.


HR 83 This is called the “Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Act” and prohibits any federal funding from going to states or localities who may “prohibit, or in any way restrict, any government entity or official from sending to, or receiving from, the Immigration and Naturalization Service information regarding the citizenship or immigration status, lawful or unlawful, of any individual.” The quote is not from the law itself, but from a different law it references.
HR 147 This one is the “Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act.” It technically does not outlaw abortion, but rather makes it a criminal act for anyone to knowingly perform or attempt to perform an abortion because of the “sex, gender, color or race of the child, or the race of a parent.”
HR 808 This is a bill about sanctions against Iran. It is quite long and says that a summary is in progress though not up yet. I did not read it. 


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