SB1199 is a bill which has passed in the Senate already and its aim is to require people wishing to change their name to undergo a background check.This may seem inconsequential and the sponsor claims its only aim is to keep criminals from masking they history, but critics worry that it would disproportionately affect the transgender community, if they are wishing to change their name. 

HB2293 and HB2294 have specifically been written against transgender individuals, but why? I can’t imagine the life of this Representative Anthony Kern sitting in his office trying to think up rules against transgender people. Doesn’t he have anything better to do?

I suppose the argument is that it would save the state money. Why don’t we just prevent all people on Medicaid or those who are incarcerated from having any surgery at all, if the government deems it unnecessary? Why let the doctor and the patient decide?

HB2293 would like to prevent incarcerated people from having sex reassignment surgery, even if deemed necessary by their doctor, and 

HB2294 wants to make a law against anyone having sex reassignment surgery under Medicaid, even though one already can’t have this done in Arizona under Medicaid. This bill would cement the law even further.

Here’s a story in Mother Jones about bills being introduced in eleven states, including Arizona, all aimed at harming LGBT people. Has this been going on all along and I never noticed, or is there a wave of really horrifying bills coming into play now that our federal government is controlled by conservatives?


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