Arizonans beware. Your state government is trying to take away your basic rights as a voter. Again. There are four bills already passed by the House.

Please contact your Senator and tell them “No” on HCR2002, HCR2007, and HB2320. All bills directed at removing Arizona voter rights. Summaries below.

HCR2002 Wants to repeal the Voter Protection Act and allow our Arizona government to overturn any legislation passed into law by us, ie citizens initiatives.

HCR2007 This one says if voters overturn a law passed by legislators, the legislators can change it right back.

Passed, Waiting on Governor’s signature:

HB2404 This one bans people paying to get signatures. I’ve always thought paying people to collect signatures was a little sneaky till I found out that it’s just about the only way that we citizens can collect enough signatures, because the required number is so high.

Basically it’s another way to get rid of citizen initiatives.

HB2320 This one is just stupid. It wants to put a warning label on petitions essentially saying, if this becomes a law,  it might be hard to overturn because: Voter Protection Act.
These bills have already passed in the House and next may go on to the Senate where Governor Ducey will surely sign them into law. He’s predictable like that.
If you live in my district, legislative district 6, your house members are Brenda Barton and Bob Thorpe and they voted yes on all four of these bills. The stinkers.  If you’re in a different district, chances are that your house members voted yes too.

If they go on to the Senate, our district 6 “friend” Sylvia Allen will surely vote yes, if we don’t do something. I don’t know your senator but I know mine.
If you want to read the bills, or find your legislators, or how to contact them.

Voter Protection Act. You can find a link to this in EJ Montini’s article in the Arizona Republic. Or ask and I’ll email it to you.

Arizona Legislators: Legislative District 6:

  1. Sylvia Allen (602)926-5409
  2. Bob Thorpe bthorpe@az (602)926-5219
  3. Brenda Barton (602)926-4129

Or if you prefer links:

Senator Sylvia Allen

Representative Brenda Barton

Representative Bob Thorpe

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey

Here is the text of the first two bills:

HCR2002 A House Concurrent Resolution

HCR2007 A House Concurrent Resolution



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